OREGON WINE TRAIL – Seeking The Grape

Oregon Winery Map

We turn our attention here to the the Fine Wines of Oregon.  Looking at the Oregon Wine Country Map will reveal the lion’s share of the Oregon Wineries Map fall West and South of Mount Hood.  The industry in Oregon is better organized with exerted effort to promote their fabulous wines.


The State of Oregon, with the Oregon wineries, sponsors information websites there to encourage organization of Oregon Wine Tours complete with Oregon Wine Maps and promotional materials for Wine Tasting Tours, to enhance their tourist industry. Sounds like a marvelous idea for a vacation or a long weekend of relaxation and wine tasting in the beautiful northwest.  The wine country in Oregon sits in the environs of the end of the historic Oregon Trail.  Now, the Oregon Wine Trail, with such a robust Oregon wine industry having grown up here in recent years.

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon trail was the way West, beginning in Independence, Missouri, proceeding to Oregon City, Oregon.  This was in the Willamette River Valley which is the heart of Oregon Wine Country today.  Portland became the city’s name, eventually, and it sits to the North and West of most of the Oregon Wineries today.

Oregon Wine Trail Evolution

Hundreds of thousands of people, made the Oregon Trail, Trek, to the fertile Columbia River country and the Willamette Valley between the 1840’s and the 1860’s.  The Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific (officially) connecting in Promontory, Utah, ended the trail’s usefullness.  The diffcult months and long stretch of the Oregon Trail could now be crossed in a few days by Rail.


The technology of railroading also spelled the end for the Santa Fe Trail. That trail stretching from Independence, Missouri, to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As the Santa Fe Trail was the gateway to Souther California, the Oregon Trail was the gateway to the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Wine Trail


After the Second World War the Railroads too, were supplanted by the Nations Interstate Highway System and the Jetliners in the sky. The settlers, to the Pacific Nothwest, Washington, Oregon and Northern California, originally came for land, farming and timber.  And Gold too with the Alaska Gold Rush.  Somewhere along the way someone grew some grapes and made some wine as men and women have for thousands of years.  The wine was good and in 160 years it is a well established wine industry in Oregon.

Oregon Wine Trail, Seeking the Grape. dccellarswine.com

Oregon RapidsThe history is briefly stated above and Oregon as Washington and Norther California boasts, fruit of the vine.  The Beauty of Oregon is diverse and magnificent to behold as also Washington and Northern California.  The ocean, the mountains, the vineyards, the orchards, challenge the beauty of anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.  The fine wines from Oregon, however, rival any area on the globe.  For now let us enjoy the picturesque montage, with a glass of premium wine.


Deserted portion of Salmon Creek in Oregon, again the water being sourced from mountain runoff is as clean and pure as waters can be.  The climate is mild, here, due to the Japanese Current.  It is wet enough and lush for growing the world’s magnificent grapes, from volcanic-ally produced soil, all mixing to produce, by the craft of extraordinary vintners, results in fabulous palate tingling treats.  Enjoy a glass of wine with the panorama here provided.  As delicious as it is relaxing.  And please return often as the collage of nature’s offer grows before your eyes.  And please don’t forget the value we bring you from DC Cellars, fine wine delivered to your door, at desirable group pricing, to round out the experience.  And yes you can choose your favorite vintage from the world over including those of the fabulous Oregon Vineyards and wineries as fine as any in the world.


 Whether you favor white or red perhaps the variations therefrom, the wine you get here, from Direct Cellars, will always satisfy or you may have a replacement at your request.  Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or just beginning your education the wines from DC Cellars perfectly fit the desired result.  Each wine shipped to your door comes with explanation of its origin along with suggested food pairing and other pertinent facts about your wine. Get 2, 4 or 6 bottles (Here) delivered to your door each month for your enjoyment.  The value we provide you is unparalleled. Remove the cork, let it breathe in the carafe, in the glass, savor the bouquet then give it a taste.  We are sure you will enjoy with family and friends, partners or business associates.  Or that intimate evening alone just the two of you.  Wine lovers in the midnight sun drinking the wine of romance with the one you love. A  bottle of wine between best friends, we trust, warming the hearts and oiling the mood for love.  Enjoy.  Enjoy.  Live life abundantly as the master intends.  Life is too short not to have the enjoyment.

Until next time, have a glass of wine and feel the passions of life for a change.  Please return here often. Go Here to Learn more.  Chris Queen 12/15/2018

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