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Relaxation Time

Wine to your door is the service we affectionately provide.  A relaxing glass of wine is a special treat.  Ladies enjoy a relaxing and refreshing glass of wine in the bath, calling it your time.  By all means enjoy.  The magnificence of the West Coast of these United States intertwined here for an enjoyable sensory experience of sight and opportunity to obtain premium wine at prices well below normal retail for these designer wines from the great vineyards and wineries throughout the world.

The Pacific Northwest is my place of original origin. Seattle being a world center of cosmopolitan beauty and culture.  A tradition as a frontier, having originally been a logging destination, also the fishing industry as well the gateway to the Alaska Gold Rush turning Seward’s Folly into a bargain.  Alaska as they say is the last frontier, but there is still plenty of frontier left in Washington, Oregon and Northern California.


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Young Women Sharing Wine

Below is a panorama provided by nature in the Ohanapecosh Park and Campground, at Rainier, where I took my first camping trip at four years old.  Then I spent my fifth birthday there with my grandfather, as the oldest grandson, I shared his birthday.  Grand dad owned a 20 acre collection or orchards in Sela, Washington.  Yakima the nearest city is a part of the extraordinary wine country now.  Grapes from the rich volcanic soil combined with fabulous waters from the mountain runoff make for the finest of wines, in the world.  Once famous for apples, cherries, peaches, apricots and pears, the Yakima area is now Washington Wine Country along with Walla Walla and the Tri Cities Region (Pasco).  Two hundred and forty wineries, handcrafting magnificent world class wines.


DC Cellars Wine Here

Mount Rainier. Seattle stands out with the ever present view of one of three of the most beautiful and famed, and well know mountains in the World.  Rainier stands in the minds of many along side Kilimanjaro and Fujiyama, as these images have been spread far and wide.  Colorado has better skiing, it is true, however, no one has ever heard of any imagery of Colorado’s Rockies, as comparably beautiful to the Cascades, the most beautiful mountains and forests on earth are here.  Like wise for Oregon and Northern California.  The Northern West Coast is truly one of the most beautiful regions on earth, as you’ll see as this site grows.

Please visit here often, register for updates.  I will be posting the magnificent imagery of the Pacific Northwest and northern California updating the pages and blog posts for your visual enjoyment.  Have a glass of wine and enjoy the evolving panorama.  The magnificence is for you to enjoy no matter where you are.  We are here to enjoin you to the beautiful cascades, the ocean, the forests the vineyards and wineries of the Pacific coast states.

DC Cellars Wine HereDC Cellars Wine Here

The water in the Cascades (Ohanapecosh) the primary ingredient is cold, clean and pure.  Yakima Vineyard (right)


dc cellars wine
Waterfall in the Cascades

That some of the most fabulous and sought after fine wines on the face of the globe are now produced here, should come as no surprise.  Now, from Direct Cellars these can be delivered to your door at very convenient rates, chosen for you by our expert wine buyers not just from west coast wineries but the best designer wine makers the world over.  You get to choose the specific bottles you choose to enjoy, or let your palate guide you through the entire array.  Give them all a try, though there are many to choose from.  Don’t be in a hurry because they will arrive at your door every month at a pittance compared with the normal price for this quality.  You will be glad you did.  GO HERE to Get In, Get Wine, Get Social.

Please return as this will be updated often.  So much of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Northern California left to share and I look forward to sharing the inspiration with you.  One day, perhaps we might share a glass of wine together, we cannot say.  But for now we can enjoy the natural imagery and the beauty of the panoramic collage.

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