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The purpose of this website is to promote the wine club to those who enjoy wine.  The wine from DC Cellars comes directly to your door via the wine buyers who are expert in wine.  They travel the world and have a network of over 2,000 family owned designer wineries where magnificence is handcrafted by those who care.  


The club is not expensive, though the wines we offer would be except for the method employed through independent distribution.  Joining the club in any of several ways is easy.  VIP Customers may enter through Club 2:

Club 2                                   $ 49.95

At this membership level you will receive two bottles of fantastic handcrafted wine at your door each month with tasting notes and information about the winery of their origin.

Club 4                                   $ 79.95

At this membership level you will receive four magnificent bottles of wine at your door each month and may choose all red, all whit or half red and white wines with each of these VIP customer programs.


Enjoy these great bottles of wine with family and friends and share the experience and the club with them.  Three customers and your wine comes to you for free as long as your registered customers remain active in the program.

Become an Independent Distributor

Build a business.  Share the great wine, good times and the business opportunity with others.

Premium Wine Lover                                         $ 249.95

You get four bottles of wine each month and earn $ 125.00 ($ 250.00 Elite Wine Lover package you enroll) fast start bonus for each distributor you personally enroll at the Premium Wine Lover Distributor level.  Many more ways to earn as your organization grows.  Detailed in the website link below.

 Premium Wine Lover Elite                               $ 499.00

You’ll receive 6 great bottles of wine each month and earn $125.00 fast start bonus for each Premium Wine Lover you enroll and $ 250.00 fast start bonus for each Wine Lover Elite enrollment.

And Remember 3 customers and your wine is free in Premium Wine Lover or Premium Elite programs also.

The product is simple:  GREAT WINE.  The pay plan is lucrative allowing additional income, full time income or lifestyle changing income depending on your desire and effort.  Don’t wait another minute to get started.

Know also this is not only for West Coast Wine Lovers.  Had to call the website something and my origins are in the Northwestern United States.

My own experience has been continuous growth in the business since I started in June of this year (2018) and as wind down to the end of the year I cordially invite you to gather friends and family over an array of festive handcrafted designer wines at Club Discount Pricing from the world over arriving on your doorstep.

Explore the Wine Club and Business Opportunity Here:  Explore/Enroll Get In Get Wine Get Social!

The experience has been a pleasure and the tastes are sensational.  Comparing the tastes of these custom made wines will cause you to realize you have been cheated in regard to the finer things in life.  Please take action and join us today.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from my family to your.  CQWine 12/19/2018


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